Monday, February 25, 2019

How to Stuff Dolls Using the Rolling Wool Technique

I can hardly wait until I'm finished stuffing one of my dolls so I can move to my FAVORITE part - the embellishing. Boy, I can lost in hours with that. But after a while of stuffing my new-to-be creation, my hands hurt getting all the fiberfill in the little nooks and crannies. After trying to think of alternatives, none of which I was very happy with, I came across this technique. It also stuffs the doll firmer, too, which I like in some instances. 

Written instructions:
Step-by-step written tutorial

Use link above.

Monday, January 16, 2017

CDA Mini House Challenge

We were tasked with taking a design given to us by CDA (Cloth Doll Artistry) and see what type of house we would make from it. I've always loved these little felt houses I found on the Internet and was so inspired by this one designer especially, that I decided to craft my own. I don't know the name of designer but the homes she makes just captured my heart. I want to make a few more to hang on my tree next year. How quaint and charming is this? I do plan on adding a few green beads below the heart for a little contrast. 

I'd like to thank all the artists and crafters who inspire the rest of us! 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Aim for Rejection or Perfection?


Are you a reject? No? Ohhh, that's a shame. I'm sorry. Someone should apologize. Since I'm here, it might as well be me. You really lost out, but this can still apply to you. 

For all those who are, you're in good company! So many artists, leaders, winners and all-star champions are here with us! Welcome to the group! You're well on your way! 

With all kidding aside, this article discusses why you should have a goal of getting 100 rejections with your work. It argues why quantity over quality is better. Although the frame of reference is on writing, it is easily applied to any medium. Take a look and see what you think... If it changes the way you approach your doll making or whatever endeavor you're on. 

When our work is rejected, yes, it hurts. We're crushed! Devestated! Completely demolished and destroyed! How can it be?! We pour so much of ourselves into it. But, y'know something? More often than not, the ones doing the rejecting aren't even the ones doing what we're doing, so, what do they really know?  On the flip side, for the other times, when they actually DO have experience and insight, it helps us get better at what we're doing ourselves. Even if you don't get feedback or have the benefit of getting rejected, keep making as many as you can. You'll keep improving. There is a benefit to it.

Take a look and have a's okay...go'll see what I mean...see that little article right down there, yeah, that one. Click on just might be surprised...

Okay, now that you've read it, you shouldn't feel so bad. Now, get to it and start going after getting as many rejection notices as you can! Then let us know how you did!