Saturday, January 24, 2009



This is my first post since the blog was created. It's been difficult to bring myself to post my work, find the time to do it, choose which ones to share, and know what to write. However, I decided I'm going to share the pieces I have or am working on...all of them, for better or worse. My hopes are that it will create an historical account of my work, an online portfolio of sorts, and will show, overtime, how my work is evolving and the themes they are focused around, which I am not even fully aware of since I create on an intrinsic level. My attempt is to try to post something once or twice a month.

This is a piece I created for a challenge. The challenge was inspired by the works of a very talented doll artist, Chaska, who offered to teach us about Icon Dolls and her signature method of creating them without sewing. What I really enjoy about her classes is they are not "How To" classes but learning sessions regarding a certain topic. She leaves the "How To" part up to the artist and coaches her students along the path of creativity. Her site can be found at this link:
It wasn't until after the class really ended that my ideas started to pour in and everything started to come together. Final touches were added in December. I was so proud with the way she turned out, I decided to submit her into the challenge where she was bestowed with the distinctive honor of receiving the Grand Prize title of "Wild Art" Icon Doll. What an honor it is to have won this category, especially since I think so highly of this community and the artists who participate in it!