Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alice in Wonderland...jUsT pLaIn sCaRrRy

One of my doll clubs is having an "Alice in Wonderland" challenge.  Sounds great, doesn't it?  Yeah, well, not so much for me.  I wouldn't be entering this time around anyway due to my studies; but, that's besides the point.

What is it about this story that scares me so much? I have never been able to get beyond her falling down that narrow, dark, constricting hole that surrounds her from making any escape or the images of the Mad Hatter who just looks downright crazy. See...he looks crazy...

Yet many people are so inspired by it. I guess it is one of those story-lines that can really conjure up these very exciting, creative images of offbeat characters, which I am all for. Yet, somehow, I have never been able to relate to any of it, at all. I actually feel myself backing away inside from them.

Perhaps, they're all really demon-like monsters living below the surface...

... just waiting to snatch us up and drag us down, like in the "Carrie" movie or the pleasant looking aliens that came to prepare us for dinner like in "The Twilight Zone" or keep us caged like in a zoo with no way out, just so they can gawk and point and stare at us for their enjoyment. GASP! I need's too restricting...that one was from "The Twilight Zone", too.

See, there's something not right about the cat, either.  He looks like he's going to swallow you up.  Although, after coming back to check, he didn't come out quite so scary on this background.  Okay, he gets a pass. 

Why can't they look like this...

...non-threatening and silly, out in the open where you have room to breathe and swing your arms!

Perhaps my imagination has gotten the best of me.  I know I should read the story to see what it is all about; however, instead of that, I will thank Johnny Depp because he has been the only one to get me to come close enough to these characters in the first place.   Who knows, by the end of it, it just may become one of my favorites!