Sunday, August 8, 2010

UPDATE on Spam Emails

It looks like everything has been straightened out with the spam emails that had my email address attached.  I haven't received anymore.  Other people have stopped getting them, too.  So, if you happen to still be receiving them, hopefully it will stopped soon.  As I indicated in my prior post, you will always know when a message is coming from me because there will always be a subject with pertinent information.

As it turns out, no one accessed my account.  However, Yahoo indicated the problem arose from someone being able to replicate the address from one of those annoying chain emails someone put me on.  I never participate in these and don't even open them.  I don't care if it is joke related, religious related, or has "IMPORTANT: Must Read, Could Save Your Life" indicated in the subject. 

Now, I can get on with the good stuff and begin to show you all the new stuff I'm working on!  Can hardly wait!