Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Creative Soul Food

"Art should be ritualistic,
not in the sense that it is static and unchanging,
but in the sense that it is a practice. 

You have a lifetime to perfect the practice,
and some days will be more challenging than others,
but creativity and serendipity will improve with dedication."

- Kelli Perkins
Stitch Alchemy

This quote helped me when working on my latest doll, Delilah, who is still in progress.  Although I am going for more of a fantasy-feel look, I've been hitting obstacle after obstacle in creating her face for three reasons:

  • I gessoed and sanded her face.  Although the surface is very smooth to the touch, there are tiny ridges left behind which prevent me from blending colored pencils in.  

  • My proportions and scale are off.

  • My drawing skills need to improve.
Normally, I use clay faces or make very exaggerated features or take bits and pieces of something to give the impression of a face.  I enjoy the freedom of just working and seeing how the imperfections arise that give the doll its uniqueness and character.  However, the overall look does need to work together in the end.  

As she progresses, if you have any suggestions on something you believe would enhance her, let me know.