Sunday, July 7, 2013

Khuhula-Akiki: A Creative Companion

Body approximately 10" H without hanger
So I know I've been off the circuit for quite awhile but plan on sharing my work with you a lot more often and will complete my previous post on my most favorite way of pattern making.
In the meantime, here is one of my most recent creations.
Khuhula-Akiki is a primitive, tribal African fertility goddess. 
She is a totem, a talisman to be used in all things creative . She gives birth to creative ideas and does away with creative blocks. Keep her nearby to keep an endless source of creative rivers flowing through you.
Made in a swap where we were challenged to use all 10 items that were sent to us. This is what I received. Everything was used. Nothing was spared. 


The lesson for me was to use the mundane ordinary things in our everyday lives that normally would get tossed away and incorporate them into our creations instead.  It reminded me there is an endless source of materials and inspiration all around us that we overlook everyday. What do you have nearby?
You can see the little clay face peering over the gourd baby.
The wooden piece below acts as a spirit guide to the spirit guide. (I wondered who guides our spirit guides who guides us. Did you ever think of that?) I personally feel the path to reaching them is through out hearts. Their messages and divine guidance always come from a place of love. Maybe a little sappy; but, that's basically how I see it.
You can see another two pieces used here: one of the golden balls which reminds me of golden pearls (of wisdom, insights, inspirational gems, whatever you want them to be) and the cloth shoe-like ribbon which was used to make a hanger and an accessory that hangs from her headpiece.  

 The three leaves and another golden pearl adorn the upper corner of her headpiece.

Wine colored ribbon wraps around her body. You can see more of the golden pearls strung through the hanger and side headpiece accessory.