Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Art Doll: Rosanna - Doll of Love and Following Your Dreams

13" x 5"
Art Doll and Photo by Glo von Gesslein

Rosanna was created mostly from an Icon Doll class and kit I purchased a few years ago by Art Alchemy Studio.   This kit was the second one purchased and was safely stored away all this time until I had a hunger to pull it out.  She was created in a couple of days because I had a strong, clear vision for how I wanted her to come out.

When I first saw the kit, the colors and textures immediately reminded me of "love". 

After Rosanna was completed, there was something about her that reminded me of the Italian Renaissance.  There is a gracious warmth about her, as well.

She sat before me.  We stared at each other for the longest time, deciding what name to bestow on her.  Since I couldn't think of anything that was befitting, I asked her.  "Rosanna" immediately came to mind. Later, I found out its meaning is "Rose" or "Gracious Rose".

Here are some close up shots of her. My apologizes for the one that came out blurry.  This is the best one I could get.  Think it's time for a new digital camera, too.

Close Up of Rosanna
13" x 5"
Art Doll and Photo by Glo von Gesslein

Here she holds a small painting of the Mona Lisa.  The painting can be found in the Memory Making aisles of craft stores. 

Close Up of Rosanna
13" x 5"
Art Doll and Photo by Glo von Gesslein

A velvet leaf and two silver charms titled, "Love" and "Follow Your Heart" adorn her bodice. 

Close Up of Rosanna
13" x 5"
Art Doll and Photo by Glo von Gesslein

She holds 2 staffs that were created from the plastic shoe inserts of new shoes.  I cut them down to size with regular scissors and wrapped beaded trim around them, using a glue gun to secure them together at the top and bottom.  Her arms are brass chains that hold onto the staff and wrap around her body.

Close Up of Rosanna
13" x 5"
Art Doll and Photo by Glo von Gesslein

A close up shot of the Mona Lisa and a little heart placed in the general area where it would normally be found.  The Mona Lisa adds a bit of mystery, which I see in her, as well. 

Next week: Pattern Designing and Coming Up with Outlandish Figures

* Name meaning derived from Baby Names and Baby Names World.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Icicle Doll Series: Tropical Beauties and Paradise Pooch

Carmel (meaning: Woodland)
Tropical Beauty 1
8"x 5"
by Glo von Gesslein

This series started out from an Icicle Doll pattern that I embellished from Christmas ornaments I was making. I completely changed direction and turned them into a summer series.  Although I don't have the original template, you can refer to this pattern from Bel's Nook because it is very similar to what I used. Just adjust the size to your preference.

  • I used craft felt to make the doll body and whipped stitched around it.
  • Mini fur boas or fibers were wrapped around the body and adhered with glue.
  • The face was made from a push mold using air dry paper clay and painted.
  • Several flower bouquets for 0.99 cents were purchased from Michaels.  The mini flowers were snipped individually and in bunches.  Then, attached to the doll.
  • Feathers and blue flower ribbon trim were added as adornments in some instances.

Alani (meaning: Orange Tree)
Tropical Beauty 2
8" x 5.5" at head x 2.5" at base
by Glo von Gesslein

Here are some other examples of the variety of Icicle Dolls made by other artists:

Aolani (meaning: Heavenly Cloud)
Tropical Beauty 3
8" x 4" at head x 3" at base
by Glo von Gesslein

Mei (meaning: Great)
Tropical Beauty 4
8" x 5" at head x 4" at base
by Glo von Gesslein

Wainani (meaning: Beautiful Water)
Tropical Beauty 5
8" x 4" at head x 3" at base
by Glo von Gesslein

LeiLani (meaning: Heavenly Flower)
Paradise Pooch
9" x 4" at left x 3" center x 5" by right
by Glo von Gesslein

Paradise Pooch originated as butterfly wings for Meadow Sundancer that didn't turn out well.  It really is a compilation of layers and layers of failed attempts at trying a bunch of different techniques. In the end, I just played and wanted to use up some supplies to see what I would come up with. 

Close up of Paradise Pooch: LeiLani
by Glo von Gesslein
  • What you see is a blend of orange and yellow sponge painting with lots of dabs of gold Pearlx Powder.
  • Faux flowers were adhered with E6000 glue all over the body. (However, I wouldn't recommend that step since E6000 has been shown to cause cancer. Use a glue gun instead.  I discovered this after getting severe headaches and having eye problems. Then, I read the back of the label. It said it right there. It didn't help working outside with it. After I stopped using it, these side effects went away. I'm more cautious with what I use now.)
  • Two very large googly eyes with eyelids made from felt and false human eye lashes were attached at the ends.
I would like to add on a tiara to her little head but haven't been able to find one yet. I might also add some touches of paint to the eyelids with crystal rhinestones; but, we'll have to see how it looks first.

Back of Paradise Pooch: LeiLani

by Glo von Gesslein

* All Hawaiian names have been chosen from and Our Baby Names.

Next Week: New art doll entitled Rosanna. A doll about love and following your dreams

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Created by Glo von Gesslein
12" x 12"

Okay, a little late in the day; but, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Mom's Day. 

This is a bouquet I put together for my Mom-in-law.  I laid out a selection of different ideas and had my husband choose what he liked for her.  Everything was bought at Michaels. 

1. Ceramic cup attached to plate
2. (2) bouquet of flowers
3. Trim around cup
4. Small green styrofoam cone
5. Lots of double sided taped wrapped around the inside and on bottom of inside cup to secure bouquet

  1. I rounded the green cone off on the bottom edges with scissors until it fit better inside the cup.
  2. Then, I cut it down to size so it peeked out a few inches above the cup. 
  3. I cut each of the flower stems off from the bouquet with wire cutters and stuck them into the cone. 
  4. I made double sided tape and secured the cone to the inside of the cup so its more secure.  This way, she can always remove the flowers if she wants to and use the cup for something else.
  5. Lastly, I used E6000 to adhere the trim around the top edge of the cup.
Next week's post: 
My new series of dolls called Tropical Beauties and Paradise Pooch.