Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Doll: Meadow Sundancer

8" Art Doll and Photo by Gloria von Gesslein

Meadow Sundancer

Loves sunbathing and dancing in the fields where wildflowers and poppies grow.
She's a light-hearted, carefree spirit who brings peace and harmony wherever she goes.
 She loves laughing and is only seen when bees swarm and the crickets chirp.
She likes sitting on the edge of leaf boats and dipping her toes into soft flowing creeks.
She wears a skirt made from lavender petals and iridescent pale pink wings.
With each flutter, waves of love are spread across the meadows
And new butterflies take flight to continue spreading The Song of Meadow Sundancer.

The doll's name and description were created by entering key words that defined this piece into The Fairy Name Generator.  Then, changes to the generated name and description were made to fit what I felt this piece expressed.

8" Art Doll and Photo by Gloria von Gesslein

Meadow Sundancer was created for my swap partner, Marti Kinkor, in one of the art doll clubs I belong to, Glitter Town Dollys.  This was not the original design.  I went through more than several versions.  The final piece is vastly different from what I originally had intended but am much more pleased with how she turned out.

8" Art Doll and Photo by Gloria von Gesslein

Interpretation of pattern by The Bird House - Butterfly Belle - Free Pattern
Instructions to Butterfly Belle

Wings: Store bought butterfly from Michaels.  Wings and antennas were removed and reattached to doll.

Purple skirt and headpiece: Store bought flower from Michaels.  Petals and flower head were taken apart.  Then, reattached to the doll.

Crown:  Handcrafted paper flowers and pearl bracelet toggle from Michaels.

Face: Handpainted with acrylics, colored pencils, blush

Embellishments: baby butterflies, fiber wrapped wire (hand-done), crystals