Monday, March 2, 2009

Doll Artists

We are weaver of dreams and ringmasters of our ideas. So much of ourselves are poured into these pieces. Our emotions are thread into every stitch of cloth that washes across our hands. The fabrics are skins for beings, searching to be released from subconscious realms and unseen worlds. Built upon with the embellishments of what brought them here to create new depth and meaning to their life. Their language is that of the unspoken word. Sometimes, we are just the tools that bring them out from the unseen; but, they already exist. They are just looking for someone to birth them.


Carol said...

Wow! those words are so powerful and I can relate to what you expressed ~ Beautiful dolls!
I am a member of the Wild Art Dolls at Yahoo & thought I would stop by your blog & invite you to stop by my blog & let me know what you think ~

Hug and namaste,

Karma Veranda said...

What a deep connection to have with your creations. It's very touching and gives me pause to think about what part I have in the 'birth of my creations. thank you for sharing.
another wild doll gal

Deb said...

How awesome is that?! So perfectly spoken. Thank you for sharing this with us.

1000 Blessings of Good Karma to you.