Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kitchen Art Dolls with Tutorials

Inspiration is all around.  The best tools to use are often the ones right in front of us.  The ones we so often overlook and don't consider to be inspiring at all.  How wrong we can be.  Take for instance these magnifenct art dolls by Original Art by Griselda who uses a whisk to create her Kitchen Goddess Witches.   

Or, take for instance the historic New England Spoon Dolls.  Traditionally, a face was painted on the back of the spoon and the handle was dressed in cloth.  In today's time, we've become more innovative in our techniques and now add sculpting to create a head, arms, legs, whatever it is we want, using the wooden spoon as a base.  In the end, you can turn any regular, household item into something that no one would ever imagine or even identify as ordinary. 

History of Spoon Dolls can be found at Studio Willich  and Historical Folk Toys. 

Here are more traditional versions.

Or, take, for instance, my favorite - the altered art piece.  There is no ceiling to what you can do.  You are limited by your imagination only.  Take the time to view your world differently and let inspiration soak into your pores.  In time, that creativity will spur into something very unique and these...

Just for fun, there are The Head Chefs by Trend Hunter.  Already to purchase at about $10.00 each at  How cute are these?

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Unusual Girl Studios said...

Spoon Dolls? How fun! File that under the category of coolest thing I saw today! (except for that note under my daughter's pillow to the tooth fairy;)