Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Doll: Prayer

Art Doll and Photo By: Gloria von Gesslein

"Prayer" emerged from a challenge issued by one of my doll clubs: Self-Portrait Doll.

Originally, my vision for this piece was much simpler than the one that originated.  That's usually the case with me.  I'll envision one thing; but, something transitions during the process.  It's at that point, I'll push it into a different direction.  For instance,

                                   Vision: Very Simple
                                   End Result: Much More Detailed 

                                   Vision: Very Detailed and Encrusted
                                   End Result: Simple

Art Doll and Photo by Glo von Gesslein

This particular art doll is a very spiritual piece for me.  She is grounding and represents everything I do in my life to have peace, serenity, calmness and simplicity.

  • The white fabric represents simplicity and purity.
  • The brown patterns on the white fabric reminded me of the chaos and upsetment that occurred in 2010. I painted it using 3 different browns and accented it with Sparkling Copper Pearl X Powder.
  • The soft green and gold organza were healing and seamed to envelope the doll like warm, comforting energy from God.
  • The gold nest is a vintage brooch.  It is about 1.5"; and, if I recall correctly, it is a Coro.  It has 3 little pearl beads with a golden bird tending to its eggs.  
  • The tear is a green bead. I've cried over deaths that have occurred last year...during, before and after my prayers. They say crying can be healing. Green represents healing and love.
  • The beads around her neck remind me of prayer beads.
  • Don't know what the red feather and beads represents on the side of her face.
  • Originally, since this was a Self-Portrait Doll Challenge, I wanted to make her face using the same fabric as I did her body.  However, I opted for a clay face representing another race, which I didn't really know why until later.  Then, I surrounded it with multiple layers of cording I made from the same fabric as her body.  At first, I thought the darker color of the face added to the overall piece and added to its warmth.  Two weeks later, I realized it actually represents my background.  I was raised in a multi-cultural, multi-racial environment.  My neighborhood and schools had people of all races, nationalities, backgrounds, from all walks of life, who immigrated to that area from all over the world.  The cording reminds of the energy, the soul or spirit, that emits, almost in a pulsatingg way, from that person. 
In light of the end result of this piece, I came to realize that a Self-Portrait Doll doesn't have to actually look like the physical appearance of the individual making it but can represent the symbolic nature of that person instead.  In order to really see someone, we can't rely on our eyes but instead on our hearts.  After all, our physical appearances don't really tell any of us what we're really all about anyway.

(I'll try posting better pictures of this piece.)


ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

What a wonderful and creative doll! Wow! Just stopped in to say Good Morning and to wish you the very best in the day ~ ArtMuse Dog ^_^

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

Thank you! The dolls I've been creating recently have changed from the past. I'm either experimenting with a new technique, they're challenging me on another level, or the design has more depth, spiritual, or a psychological reflection.

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Wow! You are so creative ! And I want to thank you for your awesome comments you wrote on my blog ~ I feel blessed with your encouragement ~ I try ~ and grateful for your acknowledgement ~ Keep creating and sending those dolls out into the world! ^_^

Winter Moon Art said...

She's beautiful! What is her supporting structure? Green is, of course, the color of the heart chakra - healing and love, indeed!I agree that we are not our outward physical appearce, but our essence comes from one source, and so we are all of the whole. Great work!Congratulations on being the cover art!

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

She was actually created by wrapping strips of hand painted fabric around a styrofoam cone. The fabric is adhered to the cone using layers of elmers glue. I used my hands as if I was in grade school.

She is now attached to a round wooden base that connects directly under her body and another one she stands on. The wooden finials that I bought at AC Moore are screwed into the wooden base.

Griselda said...

I looooove this little inspiring and full of creative energy.

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

Thank you, Griselda. It's amazing. I'm going through a season where I have so many art dolls pouring out of me. Can't wait to finish and share them with all of you!