Thursday, November 27, 2014

Smurfette Genie Doll

"Genie Doll"
by Mrs. Art Doll Maker

What is a genie supposed to look like? Despite flipping through a ton of photos for inspiration and ideas, I continued to envision a lavender Smurfette-style genie, wearing a variety of fresh Sping-green fabrics, dyed from the different plants and flowers she hand picks along her hikes in the forest. Her favorite activity is playing between the candy coated mushroom caps and chocolate pine cones that fell from the cocoa trees and dipping her toes in the chilled waters of the creek with her other Smurfette friends.

Why is she purple and not blue like the other Smurfs?  Her family are direct decedents of world-renowned harvesters from The Lavender Valley of France. After harvesting lavender for decades, their skin slowly became dyed from blue to their now purple color and their bodies give off a wonderful lavender scent from absorbing the oils from the flowers. These physical changes became permanent and continue to be past on throughout the generations.

So, just remember, if you ever catch an unexpected hint of that wonderful lavender scent, one of these genies just might be nearby. Make a wish and wait for it to come true!

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