Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book Review: The Gnome Project by Jessica Peill-Meininghaus

Photo Courtesy of The Moon Goat

The Gnome Project is about one woman’s journey in creating a daily practice to get unstuck from the habit of not finishing what she starts, only to discover the many gifts it brings along the way and how it anchors your life. It’s that golden thread that weaves your days together. It becomes a comforter and a cathartic channel to purge your emotions. It is your challenger and holds you to task. In the end, it’s what you turn to and say, despite everything that happened, I accomplished this one thing today.

This book was very interesting and held my attention so much so, I finished it in a day. It made me think about my own daily practices and the comforts they bring. It also inspired me to try creating my own journey for a year and see what yields from my harvest. Regardless of what daily practice you choose, her choice to make a gnome a day for a year was intriguing. There is something about gnomes that bring mystery and fun to the forefront. Definitely made the book a lot more interesting because it wasn’t filled with scientific data and jargon and blah blah blah stuff that bores you to death. Fun read. I do plan on reading it again. Hope she releases another book similar to this style.

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Bohemian Farmgirl said...

I read this book too and loved it! I have started my own daily art making practice and my 4 year old even asks yo be a part of "studio time". :-)

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

Thanks for visiting! This book seems to have inspired so many people to start their own practices. I really hope she comes out with a second one! Love your blog!