Monday, June 1, 2009

2009 Hoffman Challenge

These are all of the fabrics for this year's Hoffman challenge which I bought from Fat Quarter Shop. The one on the right is the main challenge fabric. The others are the coordinating challenge fabrics. You don't have to use all of them but must use no more than a yard of the main fabric in your piece. Details to the challenge can be found in the link below.

Fat Quarter Shop was the first retailer I could find that had all of the fabrics in stock when they were first released. That was important to me. I didn't want to wait for different shipments to come in.

It's also important for me to actually see the fabrics in person, so I ordered some of each. The colors and patterns have a different "feel" on closer inspection as opposed to just viewing them online or in a magazine.

Originally, my design was going to incorporate all of the fabrics into it, along with some of the Sulky threads. However, that idea didn't pan out after trying and trying again. So, I shifted my game plan and still have a work in progress which I hope to share with you soon.

It can be very frustrating and disappointing when the idea visualized doesn't always work out. Since there is a deadline approaching, flexibility and resourcefulness is key.

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