Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calico Fantasies

A Rainbow of Happiness...With one step into the fabric store, my body begins to tingle with excitement. My favorite wall, stocked full with calicoes, fat quarters, jelly rolls, and charm packs were welcoming me back with a wave of happy colors. How could one not absolutely love this?

I try to be good. Lord knows, I do; but, my weakness for these fabrics surpasses all of my good intentions to get just what I came in for. Ideas are popping up and swirling around in my head. These fabrics can go with these fabrics and so forth and so on. I don't want them to get all mismatched, so I have to place them in different directions; otherwise, I won't remember the color and pattern combinations I placed them in when I get home.

Exhausted, I carefully place my goody bags at the end of my favorite spot on the couch. As I go to make myself a comforting cup of hot tea, I kiss my husband as he tempts me with the wafting aroma of his grillin' from outside. The lure of his grilling skills is in close competition with those of the calico fabrics waiting so patiently for me inside. Since the salmon steaks and veggies still need time to cook, instantly, I go to grab my sketchbook and a stack of my favorite magazines to bring back with me as I carefully unload the contents of my finds from the day. What images will emerge on the blank pages of this sketchbook? What unborn spirits are trying to push through the colors and patterns from the fabrics I was drawn to? Pencil to pad, and the dream begins...

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