Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Icicle Doll Series: Tropical Beauties and Paradise Pooch

Carmel (meaning: Woodland)
Tropical Beauty 1
8"x 5"
by Glo von Gesslein

This series started out from an Icicle Doll pattern that I embellished from Christmas ornaments I was making. I completely changed direction and turned them into a summer series.  Although I don't have the original template, you can refer to this pattern from Bel's Nook because it is very similar to what I used. Just adjust the size to your preference.

  • I used craft felt to make the doll body and whipped stitched around it.
  • Mini fur boas or fibers were wrapped around the body and adhered with glue.
  • The face was made from a push mold using air dry paper clay and painted.
  • Several flower bouquets for 0.99 cents were purchased from Michaels.  The mini flowers were snipped individually and in bunches.  Then, attached to the doll.
  • Feathers and blue flower ribbon trim were added as adornments in some instances.

Alani (meaning: Orange Tree)
Tropical Beauty 2
8" x 5.5" at head x 2.5" at base
by Glo von Gesslein

Here are some other examples of the variety of Icicle Dolls made by other artists:

Aolani (meaning: Heavenly Cloud)
Tropical Beauty 3
8" x 4" at head x 3" at base
by Glo von Gesslein

Mei (meaning: Great)
Tropical Beauty 4
8" x 5" at head x 4" at base
by Glo von Gesslein

Wainani (meaning: Beautiful Water)
Tropical Beauty 5
8" x 4" at head x 3" at base
by Glo von Gesslein

LeiLani (meaning: Heavenly Flower)
Paradise Pooch
9" x 4" at left x 3" center x 5" by right
by Glo von Gesslein

Paradise Pooch originated as butterfly wings for Meadow Sundancer that didn't turn out well.  It really is a compilation of layers and layers of failed attempts at trying a bunch of different techniques. In the end, I just played and wanted to use up some supplies to see what I would come up with. 

Close up of Paradise Pooch: LeiLani
by Glo von Gesslein
  • What you see is a blend of orange and yellow sponge painting with lots of dabs of gold Pearlx Powder.
  • Faux flowers were adhered with E6000 glue all over the body. (However, I wouldn't recommend that step since E6000 has been shown to cause cancer. Use a glue gun instead.  I discovered this after getting severe headaches and having eye problems. Then, I read the back of the label. It said it right there. It didn't help working outside with it. After I stopped using it, these side effects went away. I'm more cautious with what I use now.)
  • Two very large googly eyes with eyelids made from felt and false human eye lashes were attached at the ends.
I would like to add on a tiara to her little head but haven't been able to find one yet. I might also add some touches of paint to the eyelids with crystal rhinestones; but, we'll have to see how it looks first.

Back of Paradise Pooch: LeiLani

by Glo von Gesslein

* All Hawaiian names have been chosen from and Our Baby Names.

Next Week: New art doll entitled Rosanna. A doll about love and following your dreams

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ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

These are exquisite creations and so very colorful ~ thank you so much for your kind words on my blog ~ I am chdeeply sorry about your very young nephew ~ Unfortunately, it never makes sense when the very young leave us ~ yet it is still part of life ~ the painful side ~ I send you distant healing reiki and know your doll making creations will help you process your feelings ~ lots of hugs to you ~ ^_^