Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Copyright Issues

Does your work have a twin?  Do you even know? If you work off of a pattern but change it, is it your design?  If you're not sure, check out this article that provides some very clear-cut advice on deciphering whether a design is yours or a twin of someone else's work.  Don't be an egg robber!

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This next article discusses selling a doll you made from a pattern.  Personally, I would think nothing of making something from a pattern just for the fun of it or to learn a technique, then selling that one piece to someone else who can't or doesn't have the time to create it.  Otherwise, it would end up going into the trash because I can't keep everything.  If I did, it then becomes clutter. 

Always give credit to the designer and have a tag attached to the piece stating, "Interpretation of pattern by xxxxx."  Their website would also be included.  While you're at it, add, "This is not a toy.  For collectible purposes only." It will alert and remind the person buying it to be a responsible adult and act accordingly; although, this is no guarantee.

Selling the piece can actually be a winning situation for all parties involved. 

  • I get to make the piece for fun or to learn.

  • I also get to recoup some of the money invested in making it.

  • It's being recycled instead of thrown away. If you can gift it, that's great. However, not everyone will appreciate it. You can also donate it; but, be careful because there are guidelines when donating. You don't want someone to consider it a toy and have a kid choking to death from it.

  • It's filling the buyer's need.

  • It generates more traffic flow to the designer's site which should increase business for them because their information is on the tag I created.

Most patterns I see specify a certain number of items can be made and sold within a year. I never understood the few designers who specified, whether on their patterns or in writing after being contacted, that you cannot sell any item made from that pattern, not even one.  I don't do business with those people and go elsewhere to spend my money.  No one has a monopoly on any given technique.  There is always someone else out there who can teach you the same thing. 

In any case, the info in the following article is good info to have. After going to the site, choose the article title on the left hand side of the page.

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