Friday, October 23, 2009

Whose Idea Is It Anyway?

Recently, I received a comment asking me where my art was. It’s a legitimate question. After redirecting this person to other areas of my blog where pics are posted, I explained the difficulty I’ve been having in getting shots decent enough to post. All those wasted hours of unsuccessful photo shoots...

Instead of leaving it there, this person went on to say that copying clipart is not art. Now, now. No need for that tone. (The last part of this comment actually made me giggle.) Perhaps, they had a frustrating day. This got me to thinking…

I could blog about this! I found it humorous.

I could just randomly post clipart…

…anywhere I wanted…

…in the entry…

…that actually didn’t make any sense to my writings, at all...

…All, just because I wanna!

Thank you, Mr. or Mrs. Commenter!

In response to the last part of the comment, I’d like to ask you…

Who’s to say clipart is not art? I never met anyone who whipped out a badge indicating they were the “aRt PoLiCe”. Have you? Are there clipart connoisseurs? Perhaps this is a field I overlooked while deciding what my next career should be.

How do we know that one day, these very images we use to enhance whatever it is we are creating, won’t be hanging in galleries as a lost art? Think about it.

Years from now, one of these images might be hanging in The Smithsonian or in another museum. You don’t know. You can turn to everyone and say, “I knew that one when it was free on Clipart Heaven!” We might all be pioneers this very moment!

Or, just maybe, I missed out on getting one of those “legitimate” art passes that were being passed around. Did you get one?! Is it pretty and sparkly?! I’m partial to sparkly, myself.

We spoke about this in earlier posts. Who makes that determination of art? I’d like to know. Why minimize someone else’s creations, whether clipart or other, because another person has a different standard or perception of what art is? Yes, I’m sticking up for the Clipart Artists out there. You rock and help me to enhance my blog! Thank you! You are appreciated!

What about Cartoon Artists? They’re not artists? Or comedians? Nope, guess they’re not artists, either. Well, forget about Dance Artists. With all the different dances out there? They’re just making it up. How hard can Square Dancing be? You’re dancing in a square. Look… I’m sitting down. I’m doing it right now…with one foot.

There are many different forms of art, even if they are not traditionally considered “fine” art. Fine is flimsy. It falls apart after awhile. Give me something more substantial, something different, unique, unheard of even. Something that challenges my way of thinking and viewing the world in which I live in any day of the week.

Although the original question was actually beneficial because it made me realize I haven’t posted pics of my work in quite a while, I emphasize again to take a step back and think about who takes the lead in deciphering if what you do is art or not. Take the reigns back.

On that note, I conclude with this:

  1. It is due time to refresh my photography skills and figure out what is going wrong with my shots.
  2. You will see yet another post here, inspired by this comment, in the very near future, possibly titled, “Stop! aRt PoLiCe!” It will be about art critiquing, how to approach it, and some questions to ask yourself.

I’d like to thank you, once again, Mr. or Mrs. Commenter, for providing me with additional material for at least another couple of entertaining blog posts!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED this post, and the artistic, clever use of clip-art to illustrate your point. I don't have the answers to all your questions, but I do know I've seen some work hanging in expensive galleries that maybe would have had more success as clipart! :-)

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

Thank you so much for your comment, Laura. I loved it! You had me holding my stomache because it's sooooo true! I laughed sooo hard!