Thursday, October 22, 2009

Market Thyself!

Here is a list of great sites that offer insightful articles and ways for promoting your work.

You'll find a lot of interesting articles from marketing to pricing to promoting to shows and more. Scroll down and look under Topics on the right hand side for the list.
Art Biz Blog

Have you had dreams of having your designs custom printed onto fabric?  You can with this next site.  Price per yard is $18 - $32 each, no minimum order needed.

Take shots of your work and turn them into other products that you can sell. 

Publish your own book or calendar.

I haven't read this; however, it came highly recommended by someone in one of my doll groups.  Although it is geared towards paintings and photography, she indicated you can apply their principles for other work, as well.
How To Curate and Install Your Art Exhibit Like A Pro

This next site offers a lot of different articles on sales to mailing lists to photography to pricing to shows.
A Plethora of Marketing Articles

Need to write an artist's statement?  Here's two resources to help you do that.
How To Write and Use An Artist's Statement by Molly Gordon
How To Write An Artist Statement by Artists Foundation

Hope it helps!

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